April 30th 2013 | Inventory Etc.

1. Summer Reading:
  • Short Answer: We know nothing.

2. Inventory:

"When we migrated to the Destiny media center automation system, "barcode filters" were applied to all library collections because some of our barcode configurations were not compatible with Destiny. These barcode filters prevent School Library Media Coordinators from being able to run certain reports, add certain information when cataloging materials and other essential functions. Additionally, these barcode filters can only be removed once the School Library Media Coordinator has conducted a complete inventory. For this reason, it is essential that the SLMC be given ample time to conduct a complete inventory this year. Depending on the size of the collection, this may take up to 5 or more full school days, during which the library would have to be closed for circulation/instruction (making the last 2 weeks of school the ideal time to do this).

We have a training set up for all the SLMCs on April 30th during which they will be trained on how to complete this inventory. Because we are all still learning Destiny this year, waiting until the end of the year to complete the inventory has been necessary. However, once this training is complete, in future years, SLMCs will be asked to complete "rolling inventories" that is to say, they will complete small sections of the inventory throughout the year instead of waiting until the end of the year to do the entire collection at once."

3. Inventory Directions:
(Thank you Nikki!)

4.. Libraries at PreKs (and Virgo):

If you are interested in summer work - let me know!

5. Summer Tech Institute
  • June 25 2013
  • 8-4 @ Snipes

6. Discarded Materials
  • Check to see if others want your discards first.
  • Offer to classroom teachers.
  • May be given to students and/or tossed if damaged beyond repair.

7. End of Year Get Together

8. Edmodo & School Link

  • Updates soon. Stay Tuned!

9. For the Good of the Order